Litigation and the court system are the least effective means to resolve your dispute. The significant time and costs associated with litigation are well known, as is the uncertainty posed when the outcome, your outcome, is left to a third party, such as a jury or a judge.

Avoiding litigation and its attendant time, aggravation, and costs through the use of mediation results in the prompt and less-expensive resolution of disputes, often before business relationships are permanently damaged.

All nature of disputes, whether arising from construction contracts to closely held business ownership issues to medical, financial, and legal partnerships, can benefit from mediation.

Unlike in the court system, confidentiality is an integral part of the mediation process. The parties to a mediation sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and each party retains control over what is disclosed.

Mediation is not just deciding who will pay how much to whom. Mediation enables parties in disputes to foster continuing working relationships, recognize common goals and concerns, and work creatively to resolve their dispute.

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